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mighty the armadillo

Mighty the Armadillo aka Mighty aka the "Prototype Sonic" aka God aka CRIMSON LORD OF THE AWESOME, has a complicated background in the Sonic continuity that most mainstream fans have never even heard of. Before Sonic's first game was marketed and the character was even out of concept production, the team now known as "Sonic" Team eventually came down to 2 designs for their new fast-runnin', spin-rollin' Sega mascot character: a hedgehog and an armadillo. While it is now obvious which one they chose ultimately, the evidence points to that this armadillo character is the concept that eventually became Mighty the Armadillo. Mighty's first "official" appearance was in the trackball arcade game SegaSonic the Hedgehog, where he, Sonic, and Ray the Squirrel teamed up to defeat Robotnik, and topple his Eggman Island. Since then, he made a reappearance in Knuckles Chaotix, teaming up with Knuckles, Vector, Espio and Charmy as part of the Chaotix team. In the game, he exhibited super speed and spinning moves much like Sonic, as well as the ability to do fast wall kicks to gain height or distance (in most other continuities like the Sonic comics, as well as in the english Knuckles' Chaotix manual, Mighty has been said to have super strength. Strangely though, he has never canonically demonstrated this ability in any official Sega games, though it is a generally accepted ability among most fans). Unfortunately, this would be his last appearance in a Sonic game, as he was strangely excluded from Team Chaotix during their return in Sonic Heroes. While Mighty's status is currently listed under "scrapped", he still has some influence in the Sonic fanbase. He's one of the most wanted scrapped characters to return to the series(along with Fang), he placed 10th in Sega's Sonic Character popularity poll, and has since been a provider of Chuck Norris-ish facts among internet forums, regarding his unspeakably awesome power. Which are all true. Every. Single. One. Seriously, you don't **** with Mighty.