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Scratch & Grounder

Throughout the many non-game canon incarnations of Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Robotnik has always received some form of subservient, bumbling, or otherwise awkward set of sidekicks - Snively, Decoe & Bocoe, and of course the ever infamous Scratch & Grounder. Hailing from the mid-90's cartoon "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" and the corresponding comics (and later the game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine), these nincombots wrote the book on bumbling sidekickery, then proceeded to load it into a spinning racoon canon and fire it at a giant mouse trap made of plastic explosives and robot fish to trap Sonic..... or... something. As the proud founders of the Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad (SSSSS Squad), in every episode they would carry out the often absurd demands of His Grouchiness, Dr. Robotnik, and come up with farfetch'd, questionable, and downright idiotic plans to stop that blasted hedgehog from his shenanigans. With Scratch's snarky leader attitude and Grounder's dimwitted grasps for attention, most of their time would be spent arguing amongst each other over who Robotnik loved more, and constantly trying to outdo each other. Needless to say, this lead them to completely screw up and fail every mission given to them for our viewing pleasure. While the two dumbots have been more or less long forgotten by the mainstream, the two still have some form of nostalgic respect from old time fans who watched the show as kids. I wouldn't mind if they suddenly made a cameo in later games, just for the WTF factor. Till then though, they'll be making ends-meet discussing PINGASH on Youtube.