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the Biolizard

Also known as the "Prototype to the Ultimate Lifeform" and the original "Project Shadow", the Biolizard is a massive, salamander-like monster created in by Prof. Gerald Robotnik in the floating science & research space colony, Ark. In his initial plan to create a non-aging, self-preserving "ultimate" lifeform, Prof. Gerald created this imperfect reptilian creature, who's body was unstable and had to be kept alive using a life-support system. The lizard eventually grew to enormous size and became violent, forcing Gerald and GUN to lock it away in suspended animation deep within the space station, while moving on to the next phase of Project Shadow. After GUN betrayed Gerald and he went insane, the professor decided to use the long-incapacitated lizard for other means. He "programmed" memories and instructions into the Biolizard as a fail-safe to his plan to destroy humanity wiht the Eclipse Canon, which was ultimately foiled by Super Sonic and Super Shadow 50 years later. The Biolizard was the second in the new Sega trend of "giant monster final boss vs. Super Sonic" and upholds all the qualities of such: mindless, no personality, ugly as butt, giant lasorz, doesn't appear until the end of the game, etc., etc., etc. He is also capable of Chaos Control, and uses it to "fuse" with the Ark to form the FinalHazard. Although by "fuse" I mean he just kinda shoves the long end up his ass, but who's keeping score?