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mecha sonic

Not to be confused with Metal Sonic, Mecha Sonic(also known to fans as "Silver" Sonic) was Dr. Robotnik's first attempt at making a Sonic robot. Mecha Sonic first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Death Egg Zone as a sub-final boss. The first Mecha Sonic was an unfinished prototype that had not been tested thoroughly, or even given a paint job. While he was clunky and slow, he employed deadly attacks, like his spinning chainsaw quills, jet skates, and spike launchers. He could successfully mimic Sonic's spin dash as well, and his bare metallic look is what earned him the name "Silver" Sonic. Needless to say, he was easily defeated by Sonic, and Eggman apparently when on to his much better plans: Metal Sonic. Despite this, Robotnik thought it wise to give the old bot another go, and thus revived him in Sonic & Knuckles as the deadly Mecha Sonic MKII. Now fully complete and with a sweet blue paint job, MKII posed a much greater threat to Sonic & pals. Stationed as a guardian of the Sky Sanctuary(where Eggman had set up his latest Death Egg launch base) MK II employed many of his old tactics with jet skates and deadly spin attacks, with some new tricks as well. He even piloted some of Eggman's old machinery. Alas, he was defeated and deactivated by Sonic & Tails, who went on to stop Robuttnik's schemin'. Later on however, he would reactivate and make one final attempt to steal the Master Emerald for his master, using it's power to become Super Mecha Sonic. In his super form, he turned gold and could use a jet booster and various energy canons, but couldn't keep the form for very long. This was his undoing, and Mecha was soundly defeated by Knuckles once and for all. Since then, Mecha/Silver Sonic have not had a canonical appearance, but fans speculate that a certain robot that appears in a tube in the Final Egg of Sonic Adventure bears a striking resemblance.....